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After Some Silence..

Posted in News on June 19, 2010 by essenceofevil

.. we’re finally back with our releases and an update to the distro section.

Here you can find the pics of our releses:

EEP001: APATHIA “Desolation”

Second demo from this italian band, “Desolation” is negative black metal with strong influences from life, death and desperation. The perfect soundtrack to a journey in melancholy. In the vein of Trist (Cze), Wigrid and Burzum.

EEP002: GRAVSORG “Visions Of Depression”

Tape edition of their debut demo, those Danish maniacs play pure doomish black art in the vein of the best Xasthur’s works. A must have for all fans of depressive feelings and obscure atmosphere. Slowly suffocating…