Essence of Evil is a truly dedicated small underground label, devoted to the Black Metal kvlt most. We are also open to other sounds, the important thing is that they have to communicate something to us: melancholy, majesty, sorrow, hate.. those are feelings that real ART must have.

All our releases are limited in amounts (most of them in 150 copies), coming with some speacial features like A3 posters etc, with professional booklet printing and plain tapes (sometimes with coloured tape shells – e.g. black or white).

All is done in the name of underground, because those are days of internet and filesharing. We are against the mp3-generation, against people whose mp3-readers are full of unknown bands but they have not a single original album in their collections.

We know we are in late with the so-called “old times”, but everytime is good to be back to our roots. Make black metal comes back to its origin: an underground kvlt, not a massive plastified good-looking business.

Contacts: burntheirgod AT gmail DOT com

On behalf of Essence of Evil,


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