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Posted in News on June 5, 2013 by essenceofevil



Porenut demo “Mislife” will be out soon on pro-cdr as special limited edition of 30 handnumbered digi-A5 and as regular jewelcase version on 270 pieces.

More news when we’ll receive copies from the factory; expect a great opus of melancholic bleak art from those slovak maniacs!


Distro closed until unknown period

Posted in News on May 14, 2013 by essenceofevil

Only pending orders will be forwarded as well as the Porenut cd release (sent to the pressing plant).

No new order accepted until better times.



Darkness Coming..

Posted in News on November 9, 2012 by essenceofevil

Slovak band Porenut will release their 2nd opus “Mislife” in the following months. More details to come, expect a great work of melancholic and furious atmospheric black metal. Check them here.

Nocturnal Degrade tape released has been frozen, actually. We’ll see in the future.

Enjoy this autumn, in the meanwhile.

A New Step Into Underground..

Posted in News on January 25, 2011 by essenceofevil

.. has been done with the release of

EEP003: VOLLMOND “The Crypt Under the Universe”

Pro-printed booklet with label on tape, this scourge is limited with an amount of 50 copies. A brilliant debut of atmospheric mid-paced doom/black metal with raspy vocals hailing from subterranean depths, this italian project is made by members of Blaze of Sorrow and Inverno. A ceremony in darkness to the end of days.

More To Come..

Posted in News on September 18, 2010 by essenceofevil

.. in the following months. We have planned two releases from a couple of italian hordes, sure that those will bring total darkness upon your life.

The bastards that will unleash their hate against you are:

EEP003 – Vollmond – “The Crypt Under the Universe” Tape

EEP004 – Nocturnal Degrade – “Hymn to Eternal November” Tape

May death bless you with those must-have releases.

After Some Silence..

Posted in News on June 19, 2010 by essenceofevil

.. we’re finally back with our releases and an update to the distro section.

Here you can find the pics of our releses:

EEP001: APATHIA “Desolation”

Second demo from this italian band, “Desolation” is negative black metal with strong influences from life, death and desperation. The perfect soundtrack to a journey in melancholy. In the vein of Trist (Cze), Wigrid and Burzum.

EEP002: GRAVSORG “Visions Of Depression”

Tape edition of their debut demo, those Danish maniacs play pure doomish black art in the vein of the best Xasthur’s works. A must have for all fans of depressive feelings and obscure atmosphere. Slowly suffocating…

First Releases

Posted in News on December 25, 2009 by essenceofevil

.. as we are a newborn label, we have something to be released soon or later. Well, our first planned releases are:

EEP001 – Apathia (Ita)  “Desolation” TAPE – out in days!

EEP002 – Gravsorg (Dnk) “Visions of Depression” TAPE – out in February 2010

More infos will come about every single release. However, we are also proud to tell you that Essence of Evil will be official distributor for Slava Satan releases.

On behalf of Essence of Evil,